SHS Eastcoast Bully Kennels is located in Long Island, New York and has been involved in raising bullys for some time now.

Starting with only one and growing to many, we have only breed American Bullys with the aim of improving the characteristics of the breed. Occasionally, we have puppies available from a few litters we produce in a given year.

To maximize our efforts, we breed for heavy bones and big heads with very short muzel good topline fronts and good rears. Our Bullys descend from the many good lines known as Razor Edge and Gotti as well as many others.
Through our connections in the breed, we have access to many different lines of pups. We are also capable of assisting those who are trying to located specific lines.
We hope you enjoy your visit to our site. If you are interested in a Bully or would just like to talk, you can call us, or send an E-Mail.

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SHS Eastcoast Bully Kennels

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